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Update note — August 21, 2015. Hello again. Goodness, can’t believe I started this blog three years ago. Over the past year or more I haven’t added any new recipes because I had finished the old recipe box contents. Also, my husband battled cancer but lost his battle in July of 2014. I have moved across the country from Tennessee to Montana so my time writing was limited for a long while. Recently I’ve noticed an increase in folks viewing this blog so decided I should add a few more old recipes. I still have many recipes from my mother’s old 1942 Woman’s Home Companion Cook Book that I can share. The book has been out of print many years & according to what I found online it is no longer in copyright print. So I will start sharing some of those recipes again. I have already shared most of the old photos I have of my mother so I may add in a few photos from my new life in Montana as I share the recipes. I hope you enjoy these new “old” recipes. I also have another blog in which I just ramble about whatever pops in my mind and I share a lot of photos of nature and other things in that blog. I also took each year of my young life, 1948 to 1970, and shared about my life along with what was happening in the world each of those years. If you lived during that time you might enjoy a tour down memory lane for each those years. My other blog is located at I hope you will come back here frequently & try some of these great old recipes then stop by the other blog & enjoy a senior woman’s ramblings. Thank you for taking time to visit this blog.

June 10, 2012

I have been collecting recipes since the mid 1960s.  In 1965 as a home-economics project in the 11th grade I made a recipe box which has been with me ever since.  I went through my step-mother’s recipe box & collected many of her favorite recipes & gathered some from other relatives.  Then over the years I have added to it & kept the special ones in an old recipe box.   I had added scraps of paper, various size recipe cards from friends, folded notes, etc, until it had gotten in a real big mess.   A few years ago my daughter was trying to find a recipe in the box & suggested I spend some time organizing it.  At that time I photocopied all the old recipes & added personal notes about who they were from or what we liked about it or whatever the thought was.   I had shared some of these recipes with different ones & a few in my photos on facebook.  It wasn’t long until the requests for specific recipes came tumbling in.   I decided maybe the best way to share these great old recipes was to put them on a blog to share.   So that’s the purpose of this blog.   I will add recipes as I go.  Hopefully you will find a recipe that will be just what you were looking for.   Most of these are passed down from family & friends & many have stories to go with them.  They all have been tasted & were good or they didn’t make it in the box.

Update note June, 2012 – well, as I have worked on this blog the past 2 weeks I have received several  nice comments from friends & relatives.  Thank you.   But some are curious as to who is who when I try to explain who the recipe came from.    I started out trying not to use anything that would identify the people I write about unless you knew who they were to start with.   And I do plan to continue in that direction except for one change.   I will give you a little insight as to who’s who simply for those who actually know some of the folks in these recipes.     I was born in a little town called McKenzie in Carroll county TN.   My mother was a Barksdale & my dad was a Bannister.  I have one brother.   Then after my mother died & my dad remarried I added a step-mother who was a Compton Carden,  2 step-sisters & 1 step-brother to my family.  And they had 3 kids among them.   So that’s were my family comes from.   My husband was born about 10 miles down the road in a small town called Huntingdon in Carroll county TN.   His mother was a Rich and his dad was a Carter.  My hubby  has 1 sister & 2 brothers.   They have 7 kids among them.   So that’s were his family came from.  My dad’s family was small.  He had 2 sisters & 1 brother.  They had 5 kids among them.   My mother’s family was some bigger.   She had 4 brothers and they had  17 kids among them.   As far as my step-family.   It was even smaller.   My step-mother was an only child.  So I grew up in what I would call a small family.  And unfortunately, my mother’s family does not visit very often & I really don’t even know 3 or 4 of my first cousins on that side.  Not sure I’d recognize them if I walked into them on the street.   Then I married my husband & my world expanded greatly!   His mother had 13 brothers & sisters and they 59 kids among them & 11 step-kids.   His dad had 8 brothers & sisters and they had 21 kids among them.   All of the “kids among them” now have kids, grand kids & even a few great-grandkids.   And the thing about my husband’s family – both sides – is that most of them still live in Carroll county & they visit pretty regularly.    Both sides have a big reunion every year where they all get to see each other.    The Rich family is so big they rent the Civic Center for their reunion.    The Carter family uses a bank activities room.  At the little country church we attend in Huntingdon probably 70% or more of the congregation is kinfolks.   So we see each other regularly.   That should give you an idea of why so many of these recipes are from relatives.   With that many relatives there’s bound to be duplicate names so that’s why some have an initial after their first name.   And I will be adding quite a few recipes from my co-worker friends in coming days.   I worked for 31 years at the DuPont company in Humphreys county so many of those recipes will be from folks who live in that county.   I’d say 99.9% of these recipes are good ole Southern recipes.    Hope this helps you understand the background of this blog.   Diane

*** One more update note (Oct 2014) — since completing this blog I have started another one. It has to do with my memories of life from 1948 through current. It has lots of photos that go along with the memories & thoughts I write about. If you are interested in this blog you can find it at If you grew up in the same time span as I did, I am sure some of my thoughts & memories will bring back some of your memories. You are welcome to drop by and check it out sometime.

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  1. My grandparents lived all their lives, minus a few years of cotton farming in Mo., in and around Huntingdon, TN…Their last home was across the street from the Courthouse Square, they moved there when they were too old and feeble to farm or drive any longer. After they died my father, very reluctantly, sold the land and little house to the bank, and where the house use to be is a parking lot for the bank…My family lived in McKenzie when I was a very little girl, my baby sister was born there in 1951…finding this site actually made me cry,,,I have been canning for the last month or so and using several pots, long handled spoons, funnel and such things, that belonged to my Grandmother,,,It makes me smile and cry at the same time….Unfortunately I did not get possession of any of my Grandmothers recipe’s, which she may have never written them down,,but I do remember how to cook down green beans and make homemade cream style corn and perserves, etc. To find your site means the world to me…this means I can find some recipes from people that actually live where they lived, breathed the same air, visited the same stores, etc..My sister and I come to TN every couple of years and revisit all the old homesteads, most are still standing and functioning farms, and most of them my Grandfather built with his own hands…Paternal grandparents were Griggs,,Maternal grandparents were Bradfield…they are all buried in and around Wildersville and Huntingdon…My cousin is Harold Griggs that once owned and operated the Grocery Store and the Cotton Patch Restaurant…If you have a “book” of recipes you have collected over the years I would love to be able to purchase a copy…I would like to be able to contact you if and when my sister and I may be down your way…thank you so much for sharing your precious memories….Sharlene

    • Hello Sharlene. Thank you for the kind words. I asked my husband if he knew any of the people you listed but he did not. We were trying to figure out where the house was you are talking about. I do have a few copies of this blog in book form. It is all black & white including the photos. I’ll be glad to send you one. I’m selling them for what I have in them – $15 plus whatever postage is. Most postage has run around $3-$4 for those I have mailed. Please contact me at my email address for more information — I’m looking forward to hearing from you. Diane

  2. This site is wonderful! My mother’s family (the Ward family) is from Huntingdon (they lived on McLemoresville Hwy all my life), and I have been craving my grandmother’s cooking. I live in Germany now, and, let me tell you, it is darn hard to find good country cooking around here. Thank you for making this available, can’t wait to try some of your recipes. All the best, Julia Gratzer

      • Julia, well I am glad you found these old recipes. It does amaze me how folks around the world stumble onto this blog site. You may know some of the folks who’s recipes are included. I will be glad to sell you a recipe book. Please contact me at with your personal info and how to ship it to you. Diane

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